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   Deadliest Catch S04E03 HDTV XviD-GNARLY



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[#89664] Written by: Totz [23/04/08, 05:21]
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Sweet, thanks for this great show =D
[#91063] Written by: aydin1954 [03/05/08, 07:23]
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there is no scene release yet... nothing pre'd.
[#91062] Written by: vi76 [03/05/08, 07:27]
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Episode 4 for who is interested:


The first link is a scene release, or so it seems, but only has a couple of

The second link has a lot of seeds and it is a genuine episode (I just skipped
through it). It's probably the same file anyway, although I didn't download
both just to confirm that.
[#91069] Written by: vi76 [03/05/08, 07:55]
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Quote by aydin1954
there is no scene release yet... nothing pre'd.

ok, my bad.

When would it be ok to post these kinds of links? There may never be a scene
release and I'm guessing people don't wanna miss out.
BTW qualitywise the second link is up to par (considering it's DSR ).
[#91080] Written by: aydin1954 [03/05/08, 09:23]
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is OK to post alternate links as long as they are not of the forbidden kind but
torrent sites.
ipv6 ready