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   The Ultimate Fighter S07E08 HDTV XviD-aAF



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[#93643] Written by: kjp021 [22/05/08, 04:30]
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what is the difference between this one and the earlier release by OMICRON?
someone please assist..
thank you

and thank you for upload of course...
[#93647] Written by: jh604 [22/05/08, 04:43]
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This one is a HDTV rip from Ontario in Canada - the OMNICRON is DSR from Spike
TV in the US. The HDTV is better quality if you didn't already know that.
[#93708] Written by: Imperor [22/05/08, 19:24]
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but since both episodes are in the same resolution now, how great is the
difference, really? I'd say that's up to the (re-)encoding in this case!

I downloaded both and I can't really say I can see the difference... The upside
with this release is that there is no crap in every corner as in the Spike one!
[#93712] Written by: bungle [22/05/08, 19:40]
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hehe i just get whichever is available first. they're always the same filesize
and the quality is really not that much different imo.
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