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   Man vs Wild S05E01 HDTV XviD-GNARLY



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[#101027] Written by: fsgmed [07/08/08, 20:25]
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Thanx Eztv, you sure are the best!
Could I (in name of the "legenders" in my country - people who translate from
audio, creating subtitles to various movies and / or series) ask you to -
somehow, if possible, of course, upload the CAPTION as well? I noticed this
series has CC [Closed Caption], and I think there´s a way to save it from the
original recording...).
Rest assured that you will be making the lives of THOUSANDS (literally) of
people in my country A LOT easier, as it will be so much faster to translate
that way!!

p.s.: I found out a program that extracts the CC from video (ccextractor 0.43),
if there´s a way to upload the videos WITH de captions, I could to the job of
extracting them myself! That would - SERIOUSLY - help A LOT!

admin : sorry is not going to happen. Please read the FAQ. Thanks
[#101924] Written by: tvbuff1 [19/08/08, 19:03]
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admin : rule 2!
[#101993] Written by: tvbuff1 [20/08/08, 03:00]
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Thank you for the fast upload!! Eztv deserves a lot of credit for a very
user-friendly and easy to navigate website.
Again, thanks a lot I love this series
[#102170] Written by: AcerSR [22/08/08, 04:15]
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Is there any chance that someone release HD?

admin : someone who?
[#102173] Written by: AcerSR [22/08/08, 04:42]
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Like Gnarly since they r releasing .avi releases or some other group. I dont
know. But i would really like to see 720p here on EZTV. Offtopic: Why some of
shows r released in 720p and others dont. Is that only up release groups?

admin : you should really read the FAQs
[#102256] Written by: AcerSR [23/08/08, 04:03]
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I allready did that. If u refering on how EZTV have nothing with torrents and
realeses, i know that. I was hopeing that someone whos capping will read my
question. And if u r refering on something else then i dont know what I did wrong.
And since i didnt do this before - EZTV tnx for everuthing!!

admin : the chances for a capper to read this are as high as those for hell
to freeze over
[#102278] Written by: AcerSR [23/08/08, 09:52]
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And I didnt know that, so everything is cleared

Keeep up with good work!
ipv6 ready