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[#125585] Written by: spyder25000 [28/12/09, 03:03]
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Help seed, been download this for 9 hours and its only 40% done
[#125648] Written by: blindleader [29/12/09, 19:10]
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I can't believe how slow this is going. Doesn't anyone want this episode of one of the most
downloaded TV shows on the internet? I've seen one or two peers for most of the past two days, and
download speeds that remind me of dial-up.

I know, I know. You get what you pay for. But I still get to gripe for free.
[#125689] Written by: chadnv [30/12/09, 12:53]
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I'll be seeding for a month,
this episode is the best I have seen since the series beginning. From Bolivia to the coast is the most epic journeys to date.
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