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   Top Gear S14E07 720p HDTV x264-BiA



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[#125910] Written by: etherghost [03/01/10, 22:54]
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these guys are great!! i laugh out loud practically all the way through the show. when our (the u.s) version starts, i\'ll be
very disappointed. no way it can match these guys wit!

thanks for the cap!!
[#125917] Written by: banman2 [04/01/10, 00:10]
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It looks like you won't be disappointed, because there is not going to be a u.s. version anymore.
[#128677] Written by: Cptpogwash [21/02/10, 23:53]
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Any idea of when episodes after episode 7 will be posted? or will they be posted at all? If not, any idea on
where to find them?

Many thanks
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