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   Spartacus Blood and Sand S01E11 720p HDTV x264-IMMERSE



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[#131378] Written by: flyingraven [03/04/10, 06:15]
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Not trying to be impatient ... but does anyone have the regular 550MB version???
[#131380] Written by: Saeldur [03/04/10, 06:37]
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I don't want to be rude, because there are people who worked hard to make this file and I'm sure
that it's a great one because IMMERSE has a flawless reputation, but maybe there are some more
people out there who have a crappy computer/problems with .mkv files and need a smaller version, so
I'll give you a link to another version anyways:

Right now the seed/leech ratio is terrible because it is kinda new (6/4000), but in ~20 minutes most
of the current leechers (including me ) will reach 100% and then it will run fine
[#131381] Written by: sCifI3001 (Moderator) [03/04/10, 06:37]
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Quote by flyingraven
Not trying to be impatient ... but does anyone have the regular 550MB version???

i just saw a 253mb indi hit another site if you are desperate
[#131382] Written by: SoulJah [03/04/10, 06:40]
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found these on piratebay:

they arent 550mb ( 330mb i think) versions but i think they are real!

i myself am gonna wait for 550mb version


[#131386] Written by: Saeldur [03/04/10, 07:23]
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If you want subtitles, I found this and it's quite good (addic7ed is down as far as I know):
[#131389] Written by: BonEcho [03/04/10, 07:49]
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I'm downloading at 972.3 kb/s through usenet!
[#131396] Written by: pmarchus [03/04/10, 09:14]
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Thanx for this. This show is the best!
ipv6 ready