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[#137296] Written by: tanelm [27/06/10, 18:26]
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jaaay, new season
[#137297] Written by: ncoutts [27/06/10, 18:52]
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man, u r literally THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD RITE NOW. Australia dosent get this for a while.
Thanks So Much
[#137323] Written by: fabieng83 [28/06/10, 03:02]
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it's backkkkk !
i'm so glad !
il love this show so much !
[#137327] Written by: kamakeno [28/06/10, 04:13]
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Yeah.. Its back ...its back... Yes..HD all the way
[#137343] Written by: m4rkiz [28/06/10, 09:10]
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as a matter of fact, i'm watching in poland
what does he compare water boatman to? (for ethiopians) can't catch that one
[#137413] Written by: knobbly [29/06/10, 13:29]
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"This car is like an elephant with
the reflexes of a water boatman.
And if you're watching in Poland and you don't know what
a water boatman is, it's like an Evo X, it really is.
And if you're watching in Ethiopia and you don't know what an Evo X is,
what I mean is it does things rather well. No, not well!"

Just found a weird sight that has the whole show transcribed
It's just at the end of this page
ipv6 ready