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   Top Gear S16E06 REPACK HDTV XviD-BiA



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[#154274] Written by: itorrent [27/02/11, 19:57]
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First one is out-of-sync by -200ms.

Wish they had packed it properly in the first place
[#154278] Written by: sinclap2 [27/02/11, 23:15]
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Hmmmm, mine was fine...weird! I actually started downloading the REPACK, but got through the
whole thing without noticing any Sync probs with the non-720 version.
[#154280] Written by: digigami [28/02/11, 00:11]
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Is this a repeat from last week??
[#154284] Written by: Tonsar [28/02/11, 00:48]
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I doubt it would be on here if it was.

To quote "accounts" from the other thread.
"Aired Sunday 27th February 2011 20:00 to 21:00

Motoring show. In the last show of this series Jeremy Clarkson races the new Jaguar XJ against
something even bigger and more powerful - the rotation of the Earth itself. Meanwhile, Richard
Hammond achieves a boyhood dream by testing two 1980s supercar icons, the Porsche 959 and Ferrari
F40, and James May is in America to drive NASA's very latest Space Exploration Vehicle."
[#154286] Written by: S2Torrents [28/02/11, 02:01]
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Quote by digigami
Is this a repeat from last week??

Last week was 16x05 and this is 16x06 so no?
[#154294] Written by: abcd-eztv [28/02/11, 07:42]
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last episode of series 16... :-(
[#154296] Written by: Prymortal [28/02/11, 08:44]
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Thanks itorrent i thort it was out by -100 but turns out your right for this 1:

Alot of the smaller episodes off here seem to be this way latley i dunno why they are re-encoding
audio in VBR? instead of just using a standard compression codec in h.264? or divx e.t.c.? keeps
files same size but audio in sync & Sometimes smaller by 1 or 2 mb's.

btw im not complaining just pointing out how i fix it, Thanks for the episode EZTV
[#154705] Written by: Phill010 [07/03/11, 16:21]
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Damn their 6 episode seasons! I'd forgotten about that and was hunting for ep 7!
[#162234] Written by: badboy2kxxx [23/06/11, 05:23]
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should be the new series (17) on this sunday the 26th june! so not long to wait for more fun!
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