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   Grimm 1x02 (HDTV-LOL)



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[#170478] Written by: Mojambo [05/11/11, 13:26]
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It's too bad they totally dropped the ball in casting their lead, because this show could have been pretty
[#170490] Written by: Dramonicous [05/11/11, 17:28]
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haywire should have the lead role tbh
[#170568] Written by: ockraz [07/11/11, 02:47]
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I could do with a little more believability in the non-supernatural parts of the stories- like that cops can't
repeatedly shoot unarmed people in the back with no repercussions, or that a 'bear family' family would
name their son "Barry Rabe"- and have their house broken into by "Gilda & Rock" (rather than Goldilocks).
Come one. Even in the pilot, the wolfman didn't just go after people in red, but girls in "red hoodies." Too
cute by half IMO.
[#170600] Written by: sash2012 [07/11/11, 06:08]
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l really like this show..It is different and a great combination of story and supernatural...Of all
the new shows out there, I will be watching this one every wk and hoping for a season 2...I am so
sick of reality tv shows....Love supernatural, Fringe, Walking dead, American Horror story, and GRIMM!!
[#170837] Written by: decanos78 [10/11/11, 00:16]
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another great episode, hope the producers/writers kep up the good work, loving
every minute of this new show.
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