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   The Ultimate Fighter S05E09 DSR XViD-DGAS



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[#39000] Written by: kropo [31/05/07, 22:25]
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Thank you.
[#39014] Written by: genogreen [01/06/07, 00:19]
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Thank you from NZ.. I was hoping since all the go0d showz have ended you would
have TUF 5 back on here, I dunno why but for some reason its not too popular..
always hard to find a good download I usually dont get a steady speed for @
least another 6 hours..
[#39028] Written by: cde [01/06/07, 03:21]
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Thanks... form Oz
[#39067] Written by: wpg.jas [01/06/07, 10:19]
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Hard to find because the last couple seasons have stunk. This group may be the
worst so far, already 4 guys kicked out. More than any other season i think.

Here's hoping it gets better

Thanks for the up as well, if the recap sounds good i may DL it.
[#39089] Written by: genogreen [01/06/07, 14:44]
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I havn't seen any previous seasons yet but its always good watching the 155lbs
weightclass although this season hasn't had any knockouts yet, theres been some
good submissions and TKO's, I just hope they keep coming till the 23rd when BJ
Penn and Jens Pulver slug it out in tha finale =D
[#39150] Written by: videoOpiate [02/06/07, 06:39]
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I know this is off topic but I when saw Chuck Liddell get pwnd by Jackson in
ufc 71 I died a little inside
[#39200] Written by: BIGray [02/06/07, 19:29]
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why hasnt eps 2-8 been posted here
[#39223] Written by: genogreen [03/06/07, 02:04]
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they didnt release them because everything else was airing and it wasn't too
popular on this site, hopefully they keep them coming from now on until the end
of the season.

n yeh that Lidell/Jackson fight was hard to watch
[#39384] Written by: MrMacMan [04/06/07, 13:44]
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where did you guys find UFC 71 to download? i can't seem to fine it
[#39753] Written by: mart0 [07/06/07, 13:42]
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when is next episode
[#39779] Written by: genogreen [07/06/07, 17:00]
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next ep comes out 2day, I got ufc 71 from torrentspy . com, u kuld also try
torrentpond . com which is basically a search engine through top torrent sites..
hope this helps.
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