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[#82491] Written by: Daviate [03/03/08, 19:44]
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Thx alot from denmark love this show
[#82520] Written by: slundered [03/03/08, 22:47]
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thanks from sturgis michigan props to all luv u bitches TY
[#82532] Written by: D131 [04/03/08, 00:03]
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Great ep. and is Scarlett the new char?
[#82584] Written by: Zelda [04/03/08, 05:07]
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I was going to say "a new episode already!?!" but then I remembered that I
waited for the HDTV episode last week instead of getting the first release.

So remember people, if you want the higher quality (but same file size) HDTV
episode you will need to wait a couple of days ^_^ If you are not bothered, just
grab whichever version comes up first (obviously).
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