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   Skins S02E09 WS PDTV XviD-RiVER



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[#87696] Written by: spevman [07/04/08, 20:20]
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WOW!!! What an episode. And it was damn near the fastest download I've evert
had, only 23 minutes!

Thanks from Chicago. Can't wait for the season finale next week.
[#87751] Written by: Daviate [08/04/08, 06:25]
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hehe, 23 minutes.. pretty slow ^^ but i must say, best Skins episode ever! Really cant wait for the finale
next week either!
[#87801] Written by: paultl [08/04/08, 14:54]
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top episode, pity next week is the last with this cast, i'll miss 'em.
[#87807] Written by: Nebi [08/04/08, 15:58]
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This was truly one of the best ep i saw from a show, I will miss the cast so
much.. Cassie was the best for me.
[#87855] Written by: timboh [08/04/08, 23:31]
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good quality vid, excellent episode. where did you guys hear the cast is being

edit- just googled it, not happy at all about that.
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