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Show Information: Red Dwarf
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Airs: Thursday
Status: Break
"Red Dwarf" -- Science fiction sitcom based in space. The crew aboard the damaged mining spaceship Red Dwarf are doomed to drift in space for the rest of eternity

Following a catastrophic leak of radiation aboard mining space ship Red Dwarf, technician Dave Lister finds himself as the last living human. Having been held in a form of suspended animation known as stasis at the time of the leak he was shielded from its fatal effects whilst all of his colleagues were turned into piles of dust.

Now, some 3 million years later with background radiation at a safe level, the ship's computer Holly has revived him in readiness for the long journey home. However, Dave's not quite alone: his arch-nemesis and workmate, Rimmer, survives as a Hologram; as does a descendant of Lister's own pet cat, called Cat; and Kryten, an emotionless android.

Red Dwarf follows their adventures across the universe as they attempt to get back to Earth and discover whether Lister really is the last surviving human being.

Season 10 -- The brand new season, a decade later, written and directed by Doug Naylor, begins with the Dwarfers' mining ship still creaking though the wastelands of unchartered deep space. In the new season Lister grapples with the problem of being his own father, gets involved in a love triangle with snack dispensers 23 and 34, while Kryten and Cat become quantum entangled forcing them to do everything in unison. Rimmer and the posse also find themselves marooned in 23 AD where they rescue a famous historical figure with a beard.

General Information

Status: Break - Between Seasons
Premiere: February 15, 1988
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Sci-Fi
Network: UKTV's Dave Channel (United Kingdom & Ireland)
Airs: Thursdays at 9:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes

Season 11 -- ?? Episodes

Return projected to be Autumn/Fall of 2015


Tuesday, Oct 22 2013
Red Dwarf writer Doug Naylor has played down reports of a new series being commissioned, insisting that an 11th series of the sci-fi comedy is yet to be confirmed. Dave channel and the cast and writers have all expressed an interest in returning for series 11. However, Dave has still not given the green light to a new run of episodes, and it is now a year since the show returned to screens. Actor Robert Llewellyn posted a blog at the weekend insisting than "an eleventh series will happen" and that it will be "sometime in 2014". Llewellyn has since removed the post and Naylor played down suggestions that series 11 was definitely happening.

Wednesday, Jan 15 2014
Danny John-Jules has confirmed to Digital Spy that series 11 of Red Dwarf is currently being written, but further details about the show's future remain unclear. Doug Naylor posted on Twitter in October that Dave still hadn't commissioned series 11, but actor John-Jules said that hadn't stopped the writer cracking on with scripts."Doug Naylor is writing as we speak. He told me off for ringing him up the other day and asking about it," said John-Jules. "He said I was interfering with his writing." He also partially explained why there has been so little news about the new series, commenting: "It happens all the time with Red Dwarf. We say something and we get Doug Naylor on the phone saying, 'What the hell did you say that for?' So you can understand why we're quite shy in talking about these things."

Wednesday, April 09, 2014
A big update came during the Sci-Fi Scarborough convention on Saturday a Red Dwarf panel comprised of Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn confirmed the news. John-Jules said that shooting is scheduled to get under-way in October 2014 with a view to being aired on Dave in Autumn 2015.

Season 10 -- 6 Episodes

10x01 -- Oct 04, 2012 -- Trojan
10x02 -- Oct 11, 2012 -- Fathers and Suns
10x03 -- Oct 18, 2012 -- Lemons
10x04 -- Oct 25, 2012 -- Entangled
10x05 -- Nov 01, 2012 -- Dear Dave
10x06 -- Nov 08, 2012 -- The Beginning

Additonal Information:

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Date of last review or update: April 11, 2014

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