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[#91141] Written by: str0ngbad [03/05/08, 19:13]
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grr. u guys took too long to upload this :x
had to get it form sum1 else.
which was ghay coz i always get stuff from you guys
altho this other guy was uplaoding to me at 550kb.
keep up the good work tho guys!
eztv ftw
[#91146] Written by: Nebi [03/05/08, 19:42]
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yeah i too took it from somewhere else this week but shit can happen, its not
the end of the world, i will download it from eztv first next week.

thank you for this show and a big thank from montreal, canada!
[#91240] Written by: sixten [04/05/08, 09:54]
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the audio quality is crap on this one, should be nuked.
ipv6 ready