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[#91764] Written by: bleh22 [08/05/08, 17:27]
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has anyone seen all the previous seasons of this show? it looks pretty
interesting and was looking to find out which season was the best out of all
of them. thanks.

like best fights in the season.
[#91767] Written by: sixten [08/05/08, 18:02]
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if your a fan of mma i think you'll like all of them. s1 was cool because so
many guys you see in the top now came from that season. and also, chuck / randy
as coaches is pretty cool.
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[#91770] Written by: OnTheRidge [09/05/08, 04:20]
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i've just started watching this from the start of season 7. the first 2 eps were
awesome - all fights, no hanging round the house bs.

still an awesome show though
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