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[#94336] Written by: NostalgiaF [29/05/08, 02:56]
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it's actually a dupe and it's also missing the whole "previously.." part.
but momentum mentioned it on their nfo (although they didn't label it like
readnfo or sth like that) and we don't really care about that part, do we?
still one of the best shows on bravo.
[#94350] Written by: drewmit [29/05/08, 06:30]
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Quote by nostalgiaf
[#94353] Written by: heifer2 [29/05/08, 06:37]
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top.chef.s04e12.dsr.xvid-orenji is also out, that's why it's a dupe.

haven't seen this one, the orenji release is fine as usual.

and indeed, it's a terrific show!
[#94362] Written by: dioro [29/05/08, 11:14]
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i have some audio synch issues with it (this momentum release). audio seems 200ms
ahead of video, and then around 32 minutes it goes ahead another 200ms.

by the way, it also it crashed for me in virtualdubmod with an out of bounds
memory error. however i still managed to interleave the audio in direct stream
copy mode without it crashing.
ipv6 ready