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[#96698] Written by: infidel [22/06/08, 04:00]
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what's this? should i watch it before cd1 and cd2 or after?
[#96700] Written by: JonnyTuba [22/06/08, 04:45]
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i am dowloading this on an other site with a "bonus" folder inside, and they
said its the last fight. the problem is that they stopped the sending after 3
hours exactly and cut the last fight of... not sure if this is the same thing
but since its here i guess it can be the same thing...

[#96701] Written by: infidel [22/06/08, 04:59]
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....so.....watch if after ...... talking about jt i feel so bad for jt
[#96704] Written by: JonnyTuba [22/06/08, 05:20]
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last fight may have been a lil missleading. i meant last fight sendt, not the
main event!

since they send some preliminary fight after the main event to fill up the 3
hour slot they have bought...

[#96719] Written by: JeffTheDrunk [22/06/08, 09:48]
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admin : keep it polite please. thanks

that was polite. you should see me when i'm rude.

and thank you for deleting the mindless drivel posted by the moron.


also... make sure you add the moviex tracker (www.moviex.info) to your host
file as, they've been compromised and can't be trusted.

admin : i suggest that you take a look at rule 12 of the web site as you are
starting to infringe it.

[#96724] Written by: thrill_house [22/06/08, 11:04]
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after seeing the preview of episode 12 i was sure j.t had put jeremy may's
head through the limo window. alas, he threw it all away for nothing
[#96726] Written by: RiTarDid [22/06/08, 11:13]
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i don't feel bad for jt...friggin 'roid rager. that wasn't the first time he
went animal, he deserved what he got. although it definitely would've been nice
to see anyone throw jeremy may's head through a window
[#96758] Written by: elistian [22/06/08, 16:49]
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here's the nfo:
ipv6 ready