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[#139983] Written by: lola_bee [16/08/10, 03:51]
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can rubicon & haven please be added to the \"show list\" list? cheers.
[#139996] Written by: uluruman [16/08/10, 05:18]
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ok, this show is starting to get good. i was on the fence until now, and if this hadn't been good i
might have stopped watching, but i'm liking it. there were some good scenes, some perceptive
acting, and it didn't have that whiff of "network generic" that i was catching in the first few
episodes. plus some interesting insights into the intelligence industry that are basically
accurate. i will definitely keep watching.
[#140001] Written by: Zank [16/08/10, 06:52]
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yeah i agree this was the first episode that i feel is starting to take the show to where it will be
great. most shows need about 10 episodes to find the right groove. some shows never get good until
season 2 when they fix all that was wrong and sent the show in a direction the fans want.

my only complaint is they need to get away from the dreary feel the actors and pace of show is causing.
it is so bad you feel that at any time any character could commit suicide

[#140018] Written by: clebekki [16/08/10, 13:47]
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Quote by zank
[#140034] Written by: uluruman [16/08/10, 21:10]
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this show is so boring and tedious i felt like committing suicide watching it.<<

better not watch any movies from the 70s then. the show deliberately bases its pacing and style on
movies like 'the parallax view,' 'the conversation,' 'all the president's men' and 'three days of
the condor.' they are successfully emulating that style (which i happen to love), so the show is
not poor, it's just not
something you like. learn to make the distinction.
[#140084] Written by: hobbes969 [17/08/10, 12:42]
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Quote by uluruman
[#140089] Written by: uluruman [17/08/10, 15:19]
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Quote by hobbes969
[#140297] Written by: jatrudel [21/08/10, 21:04]
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yeah, if you don't like the pace of the show how dare you watch another episode? who is this hobbes
guy? uluruman nailed it. just you wait. i guarantee the plot will start to make sense by the end of
season 2. it's deep, man. i mean, come on. finally somebody gets it. this chit is going on right now
within our own intelligence community. the government needs all the uberbrainiacs they can find who
can ferret out international conspiracies buried in the daily crossword puzzles.
and that commuter train crash. did you see that? do you have any idea how much science and timing
and millions of dollars were involved in killing that one guy? the collateral damage was a wee bit over
the top but it was justifiable when one thinks about the cost of health care and it was certainly more
elegant than putting arsenic in a hotdog. parking his car in number thirteen wasn't too bright though.
guess the scientists who dreamed up the train crash weren't rocket scientists, huh? is he really dead
though? figure it out. rubicon? crossing the rubicon? roman soldiers as regular citizens? it's all about
a plot to kill the pope. why else would the show be named rubicon? you can take that to the bank.
[#141037] Written by: kookoowaawaa [06/09/10, 08:37]
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^^ lol and exactly on the point

i truly wish it was not.. but rubicon is rubish.
if you haven't noticed, the 70's ended 4 decades ago.. i can't seem to imagine anyone talking, thinking,
or behaving like the characters of rubicon in 2010!
and i don't find myself eager for the next episode (like in mad men for example), i'm bored and not
interrested with whatever's going to happen next.

that's my opinion though.. i suggested you watch the first four episodes and make up your own mind.
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