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[#151604] Written by: mostad007 [24/01/11, 06:22]
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thanks for sharing. been waiting ages for season 3 and it looks like it won't disappoint. brits do it best!
[#151608] Written by: Fatesender [24/01/11, 07:27]
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weird having both versions of the show running at the same time for those of us who watch both ;p
[#151612] Written by: antiterra [24/01/11, 08:06]
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wait... this is the uk show? i assumed it was the american one mislabelled. i'm glad i read the comments - to the
[#151617] Written by: tachyonemitter [24/01/11, 09:13]
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bring back, bring back,
oh, bring back the 720p to me, to meeee
my 720p is not over the ocean
la aalaa lala laalal
[#151630] Written by: Impervious1 [24/01/11, 12:31]
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thank you, thank you for bringing the british version back for a 3rd season, you guys rock.
[#151643] Written by: merripen [24/01/11, 16:52]
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i don't think eztv has anything to do with the show's continuation.

any opinions on which is superior between this and the american remake? i'd like to start watching
one but not both.
[#151648] Written by: brendoon [24/01/11, 18:20]
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i think the uk version is head and shoulders ahead of the us one.
[#151649] Written by: Anon [24/01/11, 18:23]
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the uk version is slower and develops the characters over time, the us version seems rushed.

some people from us have said that the uk characters are poor actors, imho this is not the case,
they are just uk actors acting like uk citizens (which is exactly what their are meant to do).

i have seen all the uk episodes and back storys imho it's very good.

ultimately the choice is yours, if you have the patience and want more depth watch the uk version,
if you want the fast pace, not much story let's get to the action then the us version.

be warned it's going out on syfy who now love wrestling and seem to be turning their backs on sci-fi
- meaning the us version could be axed at any time!
[#151650] Written by: HalfOrange [24/01/11, 19:46]
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the us version would be a good show for anyone who hadn´t seen the original.
like the majority of american tv however, it lacks any semblence of realism (yes, even though we´re
talking about the supernatural).

its also too rushed, as the previos poster said, you can see it tried to cram as much as possible in
to the first episode to win viewers and avoid cancellation. the actors aswell, are noticeably
prettier than the original cast, if i´d never been to the us, i´d assume nobody was overweight,
plain looking or ugly in the entire country.

anyway, you should watch the uk one and then the us one afterwards, you´ll appreciate the difference.
i´m not anti us tv by the way, i love true blood, house etc., just anti-remakes rehashes of already
good work.
[#151652] Written by: das58 [24/01/11, 20:18]
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haven't seen the american version yet, but i was wondering if the uk one was cancelled. i was following
the first 2 seasons, and i am waiting for the third, is it going to happen?
[#151660] Written by: Davie1875 [24/01/11, 22:53]
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you're posting on a torrent labelled 3x01, there's a pretty good chance this is it happening!
[#151734] Written by: Impervious1 [25/01/11, 20:00]
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Quote by merripen
[#167204] Written by: idigdeep [20/09/11, 03:38]
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great thanks
ipv6 ready