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[#156209] Written by: obieobieobie [31/03/11, 17:52]
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amazing stuff, such a worthy winner
this has been a great season, top chef won an emmy last time around, they may win one again
[#156213] Written by: MilfordCubicle [31/03/11, 21:17]
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agreed! top three of all seasons, for sure.

some tense editing at the end made it almost torturous, but i loved it!
[#156216] Written by: BasKeurprins [31/03/11, 21:46]
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i think this is the only reality show i watch regularly, and i can't explain why. i'm not much of a cook and i
know it's all manipulated and edited for higher ratings, but hey it works.

i wonder why the flashbacks to the last episode at the start were such low quality/grainy.. must have been
intentional? haven't noticed them doing that before.
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