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[#170361] Written by: jasonofcompsci [03/11/11, 22:16]
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just watched it. seems they are really big fans of "templating" a show these days. it was great when
the show told a story. might be hard to do now and it could also turn the show into days of our lives
but it would be nice if the season ended up having some direction. just hook jeff and annie up. do

also on a bigger note. i was wondering what the community though. i started downloading pieces
sequentially so i can watch stuff right away but i've noticed everything done on eztv is avi. turns
out that avi is the only format (that i'm aware of) that won't stream. if we just switched to wmv,
mp4, mpg. we could watch instantly.
[#170362] Written by: cindy25 [03/11/11, 23:00]
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only avi plays on stand alone dvd players
ipv6 ready