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[#175759] Written by: basbe [04/02/12, 02:30]
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great stuff another ep !!
[#175766] Written by: erik_22 [04/02/12, 05:14]
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is this spartacus - vengeance part 2? thanks!
[#175769] Written by: the1freeman [04/02/12, 05:40]
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Quote by erik_22
[#175770] Written by: ibx93 [04/02/12, 05:44]
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they sure are making this a brilliant season 2 also. i'm loving how it drags you into it.


and to think... i hesitated.
season 1 took me a while to watch, and get into. what was going on in my addled mind lol
[#175788] Written by: mx_phreek [04/02/12, 11:59]
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doesn't seem quite the same witho.ut andy in it, rip brother
[#175802] Written by: Zirdante [04/02/12, 17:18]
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its missing something without andy. but the best part of the show is the immersion and the way they
talk; the writers have really put an effort.

"you appear as honorable man, yet attempt to slip cock in ass"

"tiberius, i would finish... place cock in ass"

"he is given crums, yet you present as fucking meal"

the play with words amazes me on every episode; such i have not witnessed before.
[#175807] Written by: helloise [05/02/12, 17:13]
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why are you guys (or girls) comparing this season's 2 episodes with the the whole miniseries and the first

compare s01e01-02 with s02e01-02, and tell me wich ones are better?? this is practically a whole new
story, it's not like gods of the arena where you had 8 or 10 characters you already knew, and we just
learned a little bit of backstory.

for me the main issue is spartacus' and crixus' voices, they are like whispering all the time. that's
bassically the only problem i'm having with the new season, the rest it's good (for me), the season it's only
starting. i loved the ep. 2 ending, things are sure going to start to move faster now.
[#176249] Written by: akrpso [11/02/12, 19:24]
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Quote by billytk
[#176254] Written by: akrpso [11/02/12, 20:20]
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Quote by billytk
[#176272] Written by: beccalouise75 [12/02/12, 06:08]
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new to this, which mirror do i choose to dl with? ive been on other sites and u can download torrent,
but this seems to be another language for me; love the series, watched the other two now loving this
one! want to get it asap and was told this site gets them superfast- any help for a learner on how to dl
[#176275] Written by: SoulJah [12/02/12, 07:12]
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Quote by beccalouise75
ipv6 ready