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[#178781] Written by: millahnna [03/03/12, 00:52]
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for the avi - http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7073599/spartacus_s02e06_hdtv_xvid-3lt0n%5bettv%5d

i'm not testing to see if these run on xbox anymore (they usually do but the occasional file still
doesn't)... was just too hit and miss the last few days for me to waste the bandwidth.
[#178785] Written by: kassyopeia [03/03/12, 01:15]
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out of curiosity, did anyone go to the trouble of downloading both the non-scene (3lt0n) and the scene
(2hd) xvid releases last week, in order to compare quality?
[#178787] Written by: gonads90 [03/03/12, 02:03]
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i grabbed the xvid elsewhere and coould not see any difference on au 42inch lcd screen
[#178795] Written by: gkoulias [03/03/12, 03:09]
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thanks for .avi
[#178798] Written by: wrecche [03/03/12, 03:49]
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ahh i got the mkv from elsewhere, as i prefer that (as i have said before, i don't have a personal
issue with the containers, just the way we've all been forced, but hey, nothing says we cant convert
and seed on demonoid or something if we wanna be champions for the cause..) and never have noticed
lower quality despite it being 230megs.

fucking ripper episode tho, man it seems much more brutal than s1, and the inbetween episodes.

and when you have two hot chicks sitting in a bath with their bewbs out, man... that's just worth it

[#178816] Written by: spaceboy68 [03/03/12, 09:00]
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well eztv has become home of the fucking x264 mp4 so i'll be moving on to better sites

fuck mp4 you can try ramming it down someone elses throat
[#178817] Written by: tmbrwolf [03/03/12, 09:28]
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i think i am done at this site, mp4 does me no good, i have a dvd player that will play avi but not mp4
so i have found other sites to use.
[#178820] Written by: eazbak [03/03/12, 10:05]
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do you people moaning about how "the scene" has changed from avi to x264/mp4 know why they
have done this? it looks like the answer is no. they aren't doing this for you, they despise you, you
are everything they hate. they rip things for points/kudos, the fact that their rips filter down to p2p
irritates them, you bring their existance to the attention of the lawyers that represent the content
providers of the things they rip.

basically get over the fact that they've changed the release rules from avi to x264/mp4, if your aging
dvd player doesn't support the new file formats go buy a £20 - $30 device that does, talk about a
sense of entitlement!
[#178836] Written by: millahnna [03/03/12, 13:01]
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funny... i have no problem finding the avi releases on the newsgroups (usually within minutes of the
mp4 releases). and it's not my dvd player that doesn't support the format but my xbox 360. it
plays some of them but not all, probably because of codec problems i would imagine. no skin off my
back though. i know how to find the avi's from the non-sketch uploaders and i'm happy to continue
to share the links for the shows i watch for those that aren't as search saavy.
[#178845] Written by: SoulJah [03/03/12, 19:35]
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Quote by zaphod373
[#178852] Written by: pixelslut [03/03/12, 20:11]
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keep pissing and moaning - im sure its going to make a difference. in other news... great fucking
[#178854] Written by: Eyeball97 [03/03/12, 20:35]
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Quote by souljah
ipv6 ready