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   Man Vs Wild S02E03 WS DSRip XviD-aAF



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[#43487] Written by: mcbrite [01/07/07, 18:55]
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love this show!

and to anybody that prefers survivorman and can't stop knocking bear:

hey, i like survivorman too, but bear is hands down the more pure "survivalist"
and everybody that says otherwise doesn't know shit about survival...

in the make-of from survivorman he even says himself, that he gets trained by a
professional on the area in question before doing the shoot and then basically
just retelling what he learned from them.
now bear knows his shit without having to rely on professionals, also he's a
far better climber...

to cut a long story short: bear is the real deal, whereas the other dude now
almost seems "fake" to me. yes, i have watched all episodes of either as well
as the bushcraft-thing with ray...
[#43496] Written by: SatoSky [01/07/07, 20:19]
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i love both shows but i have to disagree with you. bear grylls is not the pure
survivalist. les stroud is. les gives a more realistic approach to surviving
in the wild. if i were to get lost, i know that i wouldn't be a complete
jackass and start climbing down cliffs and jumping into glacial melt water
just to get out quicker. as far as your bullshit argument about les
getting "trained" by local survival experts, look at the end credits for all
of man vs. wild episodes and you'll see survival experts: and a list of names
who have "trained" bear on how to survive in the environment presented in that
particular episode. research what the hell you're talking before you start
check this out:

again i'll leave saying that i love both shows, and respect both men. but les
is truly the pure survivalist.
[#43498] Written by: Sarre [01/07/07, 20:31]
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yes, both your dicks are very very tiny. you'll just have to live with it.

good episode, "mexico".
[#43533] Written by: mcbrite [01/07/07, 23:46]
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[#43534] Written by: mcbrite [01/07/07, 23:50]
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Quote by satosky
[#43571] Written by: Johnny Rad [02/07/07, 02:19]
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this show seems pretty cool, but the encoding job ain't so great. the image
quality is pretty crunchy, and the top and bottom seem to be cropped. was it
originally aired in 4:3 then cropped to 16:10 for this release? it'd be nice to
see an un-cropped version.
[#43582] Written by: SatoSky [02/07/07, 03:24]
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people like mcbrite and sarre are why i often hate the internet. i posted a
rebuttal to your badly thought out argument and all you two have to say is
that i have a small dick and need a life. wow. just wow. it took me about a
minute to take that screen cap and post it online. what's wrong with wasting a
minute of my oh so busy life. did you lash out at me because i disproved your
shitty little post? tough shit, get over it.

mcbrite's first post wrote:
now bear knows his shit without having to rely on professionals, also he's a
far better climber...
mcbrite's second post wrote:
also i never said he didn't have guides...

kind of contradicting ourselves there aren't we.

and yes i know that les stroud is also a musician, and that music is a hell of
a lot better than most of the crappy synth rock that is on man vs. wild.

i'll leave it with this, man vs. wild is more about having an adventure/thrill
seeking. survivorman shows you how to reasonably and safely survive once your
adventure weekend goes wrong. if man vs. wild was about surviving, he wouldn't
be doing some of the crazy shit that he does. i love and respect both shows
and their presenters. but les has more of my respect than bear does.

i'm done with this, have a good time reading my rant.

johnny rad:
the show was filmed in widescreen but presented in letterboxed 16:9 for the
television broadcast. that leaves you with black bars on the top and bottoms
of the screen. it's usually best to crop those black bars seeing as how they
can degrade the picture quality. so don't worry you're not missing out on any
footage. i haven't seen this release yet, i used to get my caps from goat over
at txrd, but seeing as how they received a cease and desist order i'll have to
check this one out.
[#43589] Written by: Johnny Rad [02/07/07, 03:42]
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Quote by satosky
[#44002] Written by: mrtorch [04/07/07, 15:52]
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i would rather have this man teaching me survival techniques!
[#44032] Written by: Wallflower [04/07/07, 23:45]
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i was wondering about that cropping/aspect ratio too! thanks for clearing
that up. i kept on wondering what i was missing. =)
[#44146] Written by: IworshipDwight [05/07/07, 21:20]
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i love these survival shows. i hope eztv distributes more of this type of
content in the future. much better than 6 hours of concert
ipv6 ready