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[#46927] Written by: whosthat [23/07/07, 23:29]
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wow thanks! just wondering will there be a hd release on this too?
[#46928] Written by: secwrit [23/07/07, 23:33]
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Quote by whosthat
[#46932] Written by: whosthat [23/07/07, 23:46]
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oh darn =( they should start showing all shows in hd
[#46938] Written by: DungeonRaider [24/07/07, 00:09]
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unlike the hdtv vs dsr argument that related to kyle xy, the hdtv versions of
this show have in fact been censored, at least 1x01 was. there's a non-scene
encode of it the dsr floating around but i haven't seen one for episode 2 to see
if that was censored also - don't recall any scenes that would need censoring
[#46945] Written by: whosthat [24/07/07, 00:18]
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mmm censored in what way ? i dont see any parts of the show that would lead to
any thing unpleasant

so will the hd version of the other episodes be censored too?
[#46960] Written by: refreshe [24/07/07, 00:51]
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it's more an 'edited for time' thing. being broadcast on a big network like abc
means they need more advertiser time, so they may cut out little bits to get
that extra ad time.
[#46977] Written by: liz1102 [24/07/07, 03:20]
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Quote by whosthat
[#47043] Written by: whosthat [24/07/07, 09:16]
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wow they do censor alot comparing the episode 1 dsr and hd alot of parts were
left out ><

i cant imagine how much they censor for the other hd shows.
[#47058] Written by: secwrit [24/07/07, 10:48]
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to clear things up..

yes the dsr's run longer than the hdtv rips!
no..they are not cencsored!!

for those of you thinking b/c it just coincidentally happens to be some1
streaking n where rusty's sis has a nip slip doesnt mean it cencsored! its b/c
abc runs more commercials n they have to cut oput parts they feel arent
important.. in this caase they felt those 2 parts werent important to the

i mean c'mon ya'll.. its abc u really think they wouldnt cencsor it
when it airs on abc family but would when it airs on abc? haha c'mon that
would make noo sense! abc family is meant to air shows that family's can watch
together.. if they were planning to cencsor certain parts b/c they shouldnt be
shwon on tv they would cencor both.. not just one! its b/c of the commcercial
[#47085] Written by: vi76 [24/07/07, 13:10]
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don't know if it aired this way (4:3), but the picture looks like it should be
stretched to 16:9. and i don't mean adding extra footage left and right.
[#47267] Written by: DungeonRaider [25/07/07, 01:17]
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Quote by secwrit
[#47350] Written by: Audiovore [25/07/07, 06:23]
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Quote by vi76
ipv6 ready