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[#66114] Written by: AeroIllini [03/11/07, 13:04]
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i have several downloads running that point to the following trackers:

all of these urls are redirecting (with a "302 object moved" http header) to a
google search. it's not just the url, like it says in the news
item about it, it's all of these urls.

is there another tracker url up and running (maybe on the server) that i
could use instead?

admin edit: these trackers have _always_ redirected to google.. the fact you
went to them using your web browser rather than using a bittorrent client is the
reason for this.... it has _absolutely_ nothing to do with
redirecting to google.. these trackers have redirected to google for years, and
are in perfectly good running order.

sorry to edit your post.. i just didn't want people freaking out.
[#66116] Written by: aydin1954 [03/11/07, 13:26]
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just checked the trackers are running fine except for some overload at time...
so the problem could be at your end.

what client are you using?
[#66117] Written by: TVFAN [03/11/07, 13:38]
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ez's trackers are running just fine.

it's vtv's trackers that are down.
[#66118] Written by: aydin1954 [03/11/07, 13:44]
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-> remember that the denis stalker one is blocked by pg2. i do not even unblock
it anymore as dht takes care of business.
[#66119] Written by: TVFAN [03/11/07, 13:52]
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yeah i unblocked it through pg2 long ago.

as a rule, everyone should always have dht on.

and if anyone's having trouble with any trackers, just add additional trackers
found in aydin's good tips thread found in the admin's corner.
[#66120] Written by: AeroIllini [03/11/07, 13:53]
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i'm running rtorrent on linux.

however, even when i try to connect to
with wget, it returns a "302 object moved" header and redirects to
google / search?hl=en&q=eztv.

i doubt it's a problem with my end, i have some other downloads with
piratebay/sumotracker trackers, and they work just fine.

maybe dns hasn't updated fully yet?
[#66121] Written by: TVFAN [03/11/07, 13:56]
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Quote by aeroillini
[#66123] Written by: AeroIllini [03/11/07, 14:07]
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i'm not sure how to do that in rtorrent.

i'm looking into it.
[#66140] Written by: NovaKing [03/11/07, 17:09]
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doing a direct wget on /announce without the required paramaters will redirect
to google, it's a feature of the tracker software used.

all trackers we use are running fine and have been running fine for some time
now, sure they may be overloaded from time to time, but they are running.
ipv6 ready