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[#73052] Written by: Zig2007 [22/12/07, 00:49]
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its not a new episode its like a recap the best of this season so far
so not a new episode as such
[#73056] Written by: monkeybusiness [22/12/07, 02:01]
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dig this show but only thing that bugs me is most of the makeshift shelters are
for 1 man -so where does the cameraman sleep? or does he get airlifted out each
night?( along with bear to a cosy motel most likelly - then flown back to the
spot and carrys on filming like he slept there all night ) though i have to
say he does take so pretty steep risks on some of his shows - even with all his
saftey gear it can fail - like that one where he climbed into a crevice in that
glazier- that was mad- rope snaps kiss your butt goodbye.
[#73059] Written by: yeahyeah [22/12/07, 02:10]
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[#73060] Written by: yeahyeah [22/12/07, 02:12]
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jelous much? ever seen a glacier in person? don't judge lest ye be a badass!
[#73068] Written by: Shimonu [22/12/07, 06:18]
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i've also been thinking about what happens with the crew, but i just figured
they had their own supply and probably an arctic tent or something. and i doubt
bear is being flown away. since he often has some comment during the night, like
he hears animals if he's in the jungle or something.
[#73069] Written by: merripen [22/12/07, 06:26]
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if you think for a moment that he is in any danger whatsoever, you don't
understand television.
[#73075] Written by: Shimonu [22/12/07, 08:02]
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you think because he is on television that nothing can happen to him? :s just
because he is somewhat famous doesn't mean he is invincible.
[#73087] Written by: jugdas [22/12/07, 12:04]
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what about the last episode where he "down climbed" into a viper pit and then a
waterfall using only vines. that seemed ridiculously dangerous to me. if real,
and it was certainly presented as real.

i used to work for the bbc's natural history unit (they make all the david
attenborough stuff) so i know a reasonable amount about location filming.
there's shed loads of health and safety forms to fill in and there's no way
anyone, let alone the presenter, could climb down anything using some raggedy
old vines. but then again this show isn't made by the bbc and perhaps bear's
production company like to bend the rules a bit.

and yeah the cameramen do get helicoptered out at night see this...
[#73096] Written by: Shimonu [22/12/07, 15:49]
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so they admitted they stayed at some place twice. so what? this is not a show
you watch to see if bear will survive his challenge. it's about teaching those
who like to travel to adventurous places how to survive should they come in a
critical situation in the wild. i'm starting to think some people watch too many
crap american reality shows where everything is about who makes it to the end.
it's not any less of a show if they get help. and the camera crew is not what
the show is about. this show is about teaching survival techniques to use
in extreme conditions.
bunch of lazy asses. it's fun to point as long as you're not being pointed at.

edit: about the vines, he was not very comfortable about using them, however he
didn't have a rope and it was the only way down.
[#73098] Written by: Immor7al [22/12/07, 16:31]
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Quote by shimonu
[#73106] Written by: Shimonu [22/12/07, 18:31]
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i'm glad someone agrees =)
[#73157] Written by: dornedec [23/12/07, 12:28]
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hi guys,
if it's just a 'best of' episode is it really worth the d/l in anyones opinion?
i already have eps 1 to 6 & really like this show.

bear does get up to really crazy stuff & there's no way it's fake from what i
can see anyways

regards & happy christmas to eztv & all.
[#73175] Written by: orangetribal [24/12/07, 00:25]
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why isnt survivorman posted on eztv???
i mean lotsa comments ask to watch survivorman but i cant find it on eztv,can
anyone tell me whr to get those shows.
btw man vs wild is still one of my favourites shows.

merry xmas
[#73426] Written by: jugdas [29/12/07, 15:21]
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i agree with you all. man vs wild is entertaining and bear is an amiable
presenter. i wouldn't do what he does so bugger the minutiae of the shows

happy new year to the entire eztv cosmoverse !
[#73427] Written by: jugdas [29/12/07, 15:26]
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in reply to the person who's got every episode so far. this is a clip show
called something like "bear eats". the narration <i>might<i> be new and there's
loads of new disclaimers but that's all. tis still good tho.
ipv6 ready