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[#79510] Written by: Daviate [15/02/08, 07:54]
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wasnt this just posted few days ago? im guessing is was re-aired on tv and another group ripped it? in
any case, i dont mind, awesome show maybe this release is better quality than the 1st one ;p
[#79516] Written by: coldblood [15/02/08, 08:17]
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hdtv > pdtv

i assume this was reaired on some e4 hd channel. yes, it was aired on monday and
yes, quality is better, it just pisses me off when my rss filter downloads the
same show twice; waste of bandwidth for something i've already watched. oh well.
thanks anyway.
[#79545] Written by: kurai [15/02/08, 09:56]
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Quote by coldblood
[#79646] Written by: Zelda [15/02/08, 17:55]
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even still, i gotta say that the first upload was really poor quality. so it's
nice to have to option to download a better one.
[#79771] Written by: Voigti [16/02/08, 06:22]
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for all you 720p hd lovers out there, search for:

skins.s02e01.720p.hdtv.x264-bia @ isohunt.com

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