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   GREEK S01E11 DSR XviD-0TV



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[#85464] Written by: whosthat [24/03/08, 20:43]
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woohoo greek is back!!!!!

thanks eztv!
[#85465] Written by: Kevin87 [24/03/08, 20:44]
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this is the episode that aired tonight, they just did the wrong season.. it's
the 2nd season, not 1st
[#85466] Written by: Dolphine [24/03/08, 20:48]
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omg heaven!!!!

thank you!

greek - second half of season 1 begins 3/24/2008 with 12 episodes. renewed
for season 2
[#85469] Written by: Kevin87 [24/03/08, 21:02]
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on air promos promote it as season 2, promotes it as season 2.
the dvds promote it as season 2. so.. safe to assume it's season 2 lol

"all new season premieres monday, march 24 at 8/7c"
[#85492] Written by: torrment [24/03/08, 23:22]
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the site says s1e11 as well.
[#85493] Written by: austrALIEN [24/03/08, 23:25]
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it's advertised as season 2 but it is in fact still part of season 1.
reasons being as follows:
* as it was a pilot series, they produced the first batch of episodes. after it
was picked up for a "full season" due to ratings, production of the last half of
the season were scheduled and this is what we are watching now. (the same thing
happened with kyle xy season 2 - it was produced/aired in 2 separate parts but
was still one complete season)
* yes it's being advertised as a "new" season, which to everyone it would appear
to be due to it being 5 months between the first half and second half, but the
production codes for these new episodes are still on number 1. production code
for this episode was 111.
feel free to disagree with me, as i'm sure some will, but it's even listed on as such.
[#85497] Written by: DungeonRaider [25/03/08, 00:04]
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also, the dvd advertised on the site is labelled as "chapter 1" and presumable
the rest of season 1 will be released as "chapter 2".

i think the problem is that the advertising people who are calling it season 2
don't seem to be in sync with the production people who are calling it season 1

using sources such as tvguide, etc doesn't really make any difference as
most simply go by production numbers (which don't always follow a logical
sequence and are not necessarily produced in the order they're intended to air)
until an episode airs.
also, abc family may have originally planned to continue season 1 and then
decided to call it season 2 without consulting the likes of; which
actually happened with blood ties (many sites were calling what is now referred
to as season 2, season 1 because lifetime originally planned to continue the
season and then changed their minds)

but, as mentioned in an earlier post, the abc family site does refer to this
episode as being season 1 episode 11 - which seems pretty definitive.

Quote by kevin87
[#85504] Written by: dvd king [25/03/08, 00:23]
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this show is all greek to me.
[#85501] Written by: google [25/03/08, 00:24]
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[#85516] Written by: TVFAN [25/03/08, 01:57]
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the futon critic has it listed as 1x11 with a total of 22 episodes for season one.

tfc is extremely accurate with their tv info.

info link -
[#85524] Written by: torrment [25/03/08, 03:07]
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why is the aspect ratio always off on these? i always have to readjust it to 16:10
[#85539] Written by: sCifI3001 [25/03/08, 04:54]
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Quote by torrment
[#85548] Written by: dornedec [25/03/08, 06:26]
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hi guys,
sadly i'm gonna have to pass on this.

i have yet to finish watching season one...

i don't have enought time or disk space to start d/ling this again just to
archive it to dvd....unwatched.

[#85552] Written by: ReBeLa [25/03/08, 07:22]
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yesterday i saw the news that greek is back. thanks for the release.
[#85562] Written by: God [25/03/08, 09:18]
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Quote by rebela
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