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[#177073] Written by: savman2a [18/02/12, 06:10]
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is this sort of advertising against the eztv rules?
[#177096] Written by: DungeonRaider [18/02/12, 06:40]
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Quote by savman2a
[#177122] Written by: UtahNL [18/02/12, 07:12]
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i have seen him using only three accounts, so it should fairly easy to ban him, also why not do a ip ban
too, that should get rid of him for a while.
[#177125] Written by: brygdom [18/02/12, 07:29]
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Quote by dungeonraider
[#177138] Written by: savman2a [18/02/12, 12:54]
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Quote by brygdom
[#177160] Written by: Kendrah [18/02/12, 16:46]
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when is this getting listed so we can add it to our shows list?
[#177162] Written by: longpole001 [18/02/12, 17:47]
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any one know where the 720p ver is ?
[#177163] Written by: longpole001 [18/02/12, 17:52]
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found 720p ver i think
[#177166] Written by: BoonesFerry [18/02/12, 18:26]
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for those who have made comments about the spam...
how many of you have contacted a site admin/mod?
how many of you have taken a few minutes to read the faq/help page?
how many of you have taken a few minutes to read the forum sections & topics?

fyi: admins don't generally read the hundreds or thousands of comments that are posted to torrents
each and every day.

this site does not have a staff of paid employees who sit and read everything that is has a
small handful of volunteers who take time out of their busy day to day lives to come here and keep this
site up and running.

want to improve this site?
if yes, then expand your knowledge of how this site operates.

want to request a new show, make a suggestion, report an issue, report spam, etc.?
(don't do it on a torrent's comment page)

start here:
read the faq/help page
read the forum sticky threads
eztv help -
issues with website
(most recent comments are on last page of a thread)

imho if you can't be bothered to do a little research about the site that you come to regularly
for your fix of free show torrents then stfu.

[#177179] Written by: wrecche [18/02/12, 20:49]
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this spamming arsehole is going to get one thing done.

the comments closed again. fuckwits like them ruin everything.

or at the very least, it will go back to when we couldn't post url's. i think that would be a good
step, any comment with a http link in it, instant removal of comment.

it'd suck for valid url's such as the post above me pointing to the forums and faq, perhaps a
blacklist of sites like url shorteners...

i dunno, if i were admin/mod i'd rape his subnet physically... oo
[#177192] Written by: brygdom [18/02/12, 23:48]
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Quote by boonesferry
[#177193] Written by: BoonesFerry [18/02/12, 23:59]
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Quote by wrecche
[#177205] Written by: savman2a [19/02/12, 05:51]
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Quote by boonesferry
ipv6 ready