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ARROW S3 Trailer
  If you watch the extended preview, you get to find out who the villain is for season three. We won’t tell; we’ll let you discover that on your own.

Little advice? For your own continued health and well-being, don’t go out on a date with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell). Sure, he’s handsome, rich, brooding and has that whole swash-buckling hero thing down cold, but if we learned anything from the Arrow season three trailer that just came out of Comic-Con, it’s that going out with Oliver ...
The Big Bang Theory
  Uber-popular CBS series, and one of my only reasons for living, The Big Bang Theory, is scheduled to start production on its eighth season at the end of July. Work will only start, however, when the five original cast mates finish negotiating their contracts. For God’s sake: Make it so.

Series stars, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar are currently without contracts, as their deals expired at the end of last season. The previous renegotiations the cast ...
INTRUDERS, BBC America's New Original Thriller Series
  BBC America is set to premiere its newest drama, Intruders, later this summer.


Starring popular British actor, John Simm (Life on Mars; Doctor Who) and Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite), Intruders is a paranormal series set in the Pacific Northwest with a plot centred around a secret society bent on discovering the secrets of immortality.

The eight episode series from writer and executive producer Glen Morgan (The X-Files), Intruders...
VIDEO: New Conspiracy Adventure Mini-Series "Dig" Coming This Fall
  The USA Network has returned to the mini-series format with its new offering, Dig, a six-episode original conspiracy adventure set in Israel.

Co-created and executive produced by Tim Kring (Heroes) and Gideon Raff (Homeland), Dig stars Golden Globe nominee Jason Isaacs (Awake) as Peter Connelly, and FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem (that sounds safe). While investigating the murder of a female archeologist, Connelly uncovers a conspiracy that’s been brewing for 2000 years and is threatening...
Kenny Johnson Checks In Permanently to Bates Motel
Bates Motel
  News out of San Diego Comic-Con today has it that actor Kenny Johnson (Sons of Anarchy; Dexter) will be made a series regular on Bates Motel in the upcoming season three.

Johnson plays Caleb, brother to Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) and also father to her older son, Dylan (Max Thieriot). Awkward. How this move will affect the Dylan/Norma dynamic should be fascinating, as regular Bates Motel viewers will remember that Dylan has some serious Uncle Daddy issues.

Bates Motel executive producers K...
Community - Yahoo Won't Binge-Release
Comic-Con: Yahoo Won’t Binge-Release ‘Community’
by the Deadline Team - Thursday July 24, 2014

One of the lingering questions when Yahoo acquired rights to revive NBC’s Community was how the 13-episode season would roll out. Today we know: Episodes will be made available weekly, it was announced during its Comic-Con panel. That plan is in contrast to rival Netflix’s binge model, in which entire seasons of a series are made available at once. Which way would you prefer it...
The Walking Dead
  The Walking Dead is leaving its comfort zone of small towns and country vistas for the lure of the big city when characters head to Washington, DC in search of a cure for the zombie plague.

According to the new promo from AMC that debuted at San Diego Comic Con, it all seems to go smoothly for a change. Just kidding. It looks like it’s as violent, gory, bloody, blow-uppy and heart-breaking as it ever was. What would we ever want that to change?

“This is a season that is going to be pre...
'Pornstache' Exits Orange Is The New Black
Orange Is The New Black
  Pablo Schreiber (George Mendez) has confirmed he will not be returning for season 3 of Orange is the New Black.

In an interview with the New York Post, Schreiber, better known as his spirit animal, the ‘Pornstache,’ said, “I’m not taking part in the third season. I’m a member of a show called The Brink that’s going to be on HBO. It’s a half-hour comedy with Jack Black and Tim Robbins and me (as) the three leads. I’m really excited about it.”

Leaving the Netflix show is st...
BREAKING BAD Prequel Sets Up Billboard: Better Call...James? So We Did.
Breaking Bad
  If you’re in need of a lawyer in the Albuquerque, NM area, a new billboard might be a little misleading. But if you’re a fan of AMC’s Breaking Bad, you might want to give the office a call. You know the saying, ‘Better Call… James?’ Wait. What?

The Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk, has erected a billboard advertising the Albuquerque law offices of one James M. McGill (Saul’s given name, apparently) complete with phone number.

Thanks to a photo pos...
Boardwalk Empire
  HBO has released a teaser for the fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire.

It starts with a little blasphemy, courtesy of Chalky White (Michael K. Williams) “Baby girl, Jesus was wrong,” which is never a good sign of things to come. Apparently, forgiveness doesn’t come to everyone, no matter what The Lord has to say on the subject. Considering one of the clips is Nucky Thompson (Golden Globe Award winner, Steve Buscemi) with a baseball bat, shoving someone against a wall, I’d say C...
BBC - Deeper, darker Sherlock
  "Miss me?" The nation's favourite detective returns to BBC One

Sherlock, the hit BBC One drama produced by Hartswood Films, will return to screens for a Special, followed by a series of three new episodes.

The last series saw Sherlock’s life change a lot - he returned from the dead, his best friend John Watson married Mary Morstan and he met his match in Charles Augustus Magnussen. After the briefest of exiles, Sherlock came back only to face one of his biggest mysteries yet. Why is Mori...
  Yahoo picks up canceled NBC comedy to bolster its original programming push

Holy cow, boys and girls: "Community" has been renewed, after all. The dream of six seasons and a movie is still alive — thanks to Yahoo, of all places, which closed a deal for an additional season of the cult NBC comedy.

The deal closed on the last day it realistically could, since the actors would all be released from their contracts at midnight tonight. The new season, comprised of 13 episodes, will debut this...
Chanthaly Open Source Scene 41 to 47 Project Footage
Sleepy Whippet Films
  With just 5 days left and just under $10,000 left in reaching their funding, Lao film director Mattie Do offers you a sneak peak of her open source debut film!

Hello, internet friends. Mattie Do, here. You might remember me from the video I posted just over a week ago offering you all the chance to open source my first film, Chanthaly! I've got about a week left on my Indiegogo campaign at:

Syfy - Dominion Review - USA Today
  Dominion | Syfy, 9 ET/PT 19 June, 2014

As for this Syfy sequel to the torched-by-an-angel movie Legion, it's the kind of series that is best watched with the volume muted and your brain off. Silence will allow you to enjoy the sight of good and evil angels flying and fighting without actually having to hear any of the badly written and delivered dialogue that surrounds them. (Pity any actor who has to say lines like "There is no me without you.")

And a thought-free approach will stop you f...
TNT - Jonathan Frakes Directs Librarians
Star Trek Continues
  Jonathan Frakes directed the second and third of TNT's trilogy of Librarian action-mystery-supernatural movies, Return to King Solomon's Mines (2006) and The Curse of the Judas Chalice (2008). Now, TNT has revived the franchise as an upcoming television series titled The Librarians, and Frakes has been tapped to direct several episodes.

"We're in Portland shooting a new show based on the movies that I did with Noah Wyle, Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin and Olympia Dukakis," Frakes told ...
Nong Hak 'Dearest Sister' - A Lao Horror Film
  Nong Hak 'Dearest Sister' - A Lao Horror Film

Nong Hak tells the story of a village girl from southern Laos who travels to Vientiane to care for her rich cousin who has mysteriously lost her sight, and somehow gained the ability to communicate with the dead. When the poor girl realizes that her cousin is receiving messages from the spirits that allow her to win the lottery, she has to choose between nursing her cousin back to health or keeping sick in order to get rich herself.

Syfy - The Wil Wheaton Project
The Wil Wheaton Project
  Syfy debuts a new weekly topical comedy show, "The Wil Wheaton Project," hosted by actor, blogger and champion of geek culture, Wil Wheaton. The 30-minute show is a fast-paced, lighthearted exploration and celebration of the week's most popular and trending topics across science fiction film, television and pop culture, video games, viral videos and news.

The 30-minute premiere will begin at 10 PM EST on Tuesday, May 27.

In the series premiere, Wil's friend, Chris Hardwick ("Nerdist," "@mi...
May 2014 - Canceled Ended Renewed or Unknown
The 100
May 2014 - Canceled Ended Renewed or Unknown

This year I have decided not to copy/paste and combine lists of shows from other sites because it requires that I devote way too much time checking and updating the list daily. Instead I will provide you with a couple links to the lists that I use most for the annual May show updates.
short url - http://goo.g...
The 100 renewed, Star Crossed Canceled
The 100
  The CW made a lot of decisions Thursday, renewing three of its current shows (including a mid-season drama), cancelling three shows and ordering four new shows for the 2014-2015 season.

In good news, freshman drama The 100 has been picked up for season 2, while bubble shows Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast were also renewed for next season (despite being banished to Fridays/summer).

In bad news, freshman sci-fi dramas Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People have both been cancelled, as ...
Almost Human - Ended (not renewed)
Almost Human
April 29, 2014, FOX announced today that they will not be renewing Almost Human.

'Firefly.' 'Alcatraz.' 'Terra Nova.' 'Dollhouse.' 'Dark Angel.' These are but a few of the FOX sci-fi and fantasy series to be canceled before their time. Over its more than a quarter-century of existence, the network has steadily built up a reputation as the place that genre shows go to die. Sadly, one more name has now been added to that list.

Created by former 'Fringe' showrunner J.H. Wyman, 'Almost Huma...
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